Monday, May 2, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic - Part 2 {How to: Make 'no-sew' Pennant}

This ‘no sew’ pennant is very easy to make.

This is actually one of the ‘Hand-made
Home-made’ gifts I’m making, and it will be apart of Miss [almost] 2's birthday present. Some of the fabrics I’ve utilised in this project are the same ones I used making her quilt, so they will tie in nicely together, without being too similar.

The pennant will not only make a nice addition to her bedroom, but it will also make a nifty decoration for her ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ themed birthday party.

Get your shit together woman!

Dodgy template, cut out from a piece of A4 paper.

Scrap material, re-purposed old clothes, and old bed sheets for the fabric.

Bias binding, the widest I could buy. {I've made this pennant 10 metres, the binding is $1.30AU per metre. } 

Spray glue, decent brand. I used Bostik.

Sewing machine. HAH! I lied, there is sewing involved! OK, so I twisted the truth a little...  [insert evil laugh]

Pin the flags to bias binding - Ready for sewing

It's pretty straight forward...
Do most of my sewing in
the 'bat cave' at night,
to avoid a certain 'little helper'.

Step 1. Make template. Well dur!

Step 2. Cut out lots of triangles. Mine were approximately 19cm wide x 22cm long. 

Step 3. Pin the fabric triangle in between the folded bias binding and sew together. 

Step 4. Spray the glue over the back of the fabric triangles and let dry. Try not to make it too thick as you don't want the fabric to be stiff, just enough to stop the material from fraying. *Best to take step 4 outside.

I used coat hangers on
my clothes line,to prevent
the line from getting sticky.
Hang pennant up on clothes line,  and trim loose threads.

I hung an old painting sheet behind the pennant, and laid some more painting sheets on the ground, to protect the area from spray glue.

Be careful to only spray the pennants that are open straight - you do not want them glued to themselves, or another piece of fabric for that matter.

I didn't see any other tutorials that did the no-sew the same way, so I can't vouch that it is entirely fool proof, but it worked for me. So please don't send me hate mail because your pennant didn't work out for you. :P

End result in Miss [almost] 2's room.

If you found this helpful why not leave a comment, and let me know!

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