Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mothers Day For Granny

I should just make a blog label dedicated solely to Granny posts - don't fret, this will be the last one for a while. 

You guys are so going to
get sick of me
flogging this picture

I didn't actually intend on blogging about this gift, but I thought, "what the hell!"...

The card I made for Granny aka M.I.L

The card was very simple to make - I just pulled apart some old artificial flowers, and 'sewed' them all onto some cardboard with a button. I also sprayed some glue very lightly under the flowers to help them stick better to the cardboard.

On the inside of the card, where the thread is tied, I sketched a gift box with lead pencil. Surprisingly enough I restrained myself from drawing stick figure people.

As for the gift we're sending, I thought some photos printed from her recent visit would be nice. The photo frames we used are second-hand; they'd been collecting dust for about 4 years in my wardrobe. Sorry Granny, but we're broke! It was a team effort - I had two photos enlarged, while Mr.R gave the frames a much needed clean up.

*Let's just pretend that these photographs
are in black frames, because I had
already packed them up before I started this post.

The kids are unwell, as we've had a bout of tonsillitis going around the house, so they didn't feel up to writing a letter to Granny. Oh well... perhaps next time.

Granny not only gets some second-hand photo frames, she also gets lumped with a reject 'birthday invitation gone wrong' off cut, saying "Hi"...

She won't believe her luck! lol

Mothers Day gift all wrapped up, ready to go -
now to get off my arse and post it

Do any of you make gifts for someone special on Mothers day?

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