Thursday, May 5, 2011

Babylost, Motherhood, Mother's Day, Photography {and me just crapping on}

I guess you can call this 'part II' to "My Mummy's Day" post. I blogged all about the early Mother's Day gift I received from Mr R and the kids. I thought I'd post the photos, that were finally printed and framed!

pho·tog·ra·phy  (f-tgr-f)
1. The art or process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.
2. The art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs.
3. A body of photographs.

'Photography' - everyone has their own style, likes and dislikes. However I'm almost certain that when a professional photographer takes a photo, even they are biased, and perhaps love a photo that they've taken more, just because it has someone they love in it...

Now, more importantly, Mother's Day, and motherhood. Once again, everyone has their own style, likes and dislikes.
moth·er·hood  (mr-hd)
1. The state of being a mother.
2. The qualities of a mother.
3. Mothers considered as a group. [read as gang.]

There was no purpose to me adding the dictionary definition of 'Motherhood', other than to make myself feel important.
It only dawned on me the other day, that this coming Mother's day will be the 13th Mother's day that I've celebrated as a mother. Not bad, considering I'm only thirty.

Thirteen years, wow. What an exciting time it's been too! There have been ups and downs, but mostly ups. What a rewarding role it is to play!

Did you know that the 2nd of May is International Babylost Mother's Day? Babylost Mother's Day is for all the Mothers out there that have lost a pregnancy, baby or child. What a wonderful idea.

We have had our own 'Babylost' babies -

Firstly Mark {born sleeping 2000}, and also a little girl {around 14 to 16 weeks gestation 2006}. It was such a tough time trying to conceive Miss [almost] 2, we had seven miscarriages in a three year period. Heart breaking, in fact it slowly ruined me.

I'm still their Mother...

So to all the women who love a child - regardless of whether the child is yours, if the child is your niece or nephew, your angel baby, or even that baby you've been praying for... Happy Mothers Day.


I thought I'd post up the photos Mr. R and the kids used in the photo frames.  

A then Miss 9 and Master 5, painting the inside of their cubby house - I will be blogging about that soon!

I really don't know why I love this photo so much. I remember we took my Mum out for a picnic on her birthday, out to Dayboro - I love that park so much! It was Mum's first birthday since Dad had passed away... they were married for 40 years. 

A then Miss 11 took this photo of Mr R and myself snuggling on the couch.

Playing dress ups with her big sister, and her big sister's best friend. It was a fun afternoon!

Playing 'peek-a-boo' in the cubby house.


Ms 13 with her best mate "Mozzie"

Mr R took this photo - Afternoon at the park

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