Monday, May 2, 2011

My Mum's Day... ❤

You must check out my early Mother's Day gift from the kids (and Mr R).

Finally got some of my photos printed,
framed and hung in the kids play room.
*sighs with contentment*

I had been threatening to do this for some time, gradually picking up photo and picture frames cheaply at thrift shops. I painted three of them 'off white'... I'm not sure why though - I was possibly high on caffeine at the time. [shrugs]

This is also a great time to mention just how much I love my husband. One thing I love is that he makes me laugh, although most of the time it's his toilet humor that amuses me.

However this time it was his genuine interest and enthusiasm while we hung my pictures. He was unsure initially about the styles and lack of consistency in the photo frames I was bringing home - you could physically see him cringe.

When we were about half way through hanging the photos, he was saying how he really loves the "chaotic arrangement of the frames" and how "the different styled frames make it 'work'".  I looked at him adoringly, and resisted the urge to say "I told you so!". If you read this babe, I love you! :D

The wall the photo's are hung on is approximately 4 1/2 metres in length, excluding the window.

The photo frames I picked up would have only come to about $40 in total, if that. Most of these photos were printed in 8x 10" size, so it covers a pretty large area of the wall. 

Anyway, what more would a mum love on Mother's day, than pictures of her stunning children strewn across the wall?

Do you know what you're getting for Mother's day?

UPDATED: If you're interested in seeing the photos we had enlarged for these frames, check out my post called Babylost, Mother's Day, Motherhood {and me just crapping on}.

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