Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Re-purpose Baby Dress

I was clearing out baby clothes the other week, to pass on to a good friend and came across this cute little summer dress by LadyBird, with it's shirred top, dainty frilling and in the softest, most divine lemon. ❤ 

Unfortunately, I noticed it had two pesky holes down near the bottom, and now, I couldn't really pass it onto anyone - even charities would just through it away.

Picture 1: Who wants a dress with holes in it? Picture 2: Size 0 Summer Dress with spaghetti straps already cut off

This is where re-purposing comes in very handy. You don't need to be an expert with a sewing machine, and bonus is, most of the hard work is already done! 

Baby dress, come toddler skirt - holes strategically covered with a multi-layered flower. Found this flower idea on 'Make It and Love It', god I love Ashley!

Step 1. Cut straps off dress. Wow, on second thought that's too hard, I give up.... [walks away] *note sarcasm

Step 2. Make cute flower by following this tutorial by Ashley at "Make It and Love It" 

Step 3. Marvel at own brilliance! (thanks to someone elses idea) 

Spring Garden motif with photos is by

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