Friday, April 15, 2011

Thift And A Room Make-over - Perfect

Pssst. I have a confession to make....

I'm one of those people, you know, the ones who have fifty projects going at once. I just can't help myself!!!

To be honest, I'm lucky if I ever finish one project, because I keep introducing new ones to the list. I thought I'd share one of those rare occasions where something actually ends up completed! [This is where you all gasp in disbelief.]

According to the house plans, it's officially 'the office', but with four of us sharing an office - it was just too crowded. So we moved our house around and ended up with this room... that was once the office but is now the, err.... 'sitting room'? Library, perhaps? Don't you need books in a library?

Welcome to the 'junk room' - Note the 'modesty' tape on Miss [almost] 2

Anyway, so it was a sad, sorry little room - unloved. I so desperately wanted to turn it into my sewing room, but I had all these wonderful, crazy, insane, expensive, ideas running wildly through my head... which made it difficult.

Did I mention, expensive? Like most people at the moment, money is tight. We are a family of five, on a single wage, paying a mortgage. None of those ideas were going to happen just yet. 

I had to use things we already had around the house, and that damn corner lounge was taking up so much room, since the family room had become the dining room. [We're trying to sell the lounge!}

Thrift buys for my sewing room: Chair $10 ~ White shelves $8

Step 1. Create some space. I separated the leather chaise into two sections and moved one half to our room for the time being. I then moved the remaining section around, and against the wall

B & A

Step 2. Work area. I needed something to actually put my sewing machine on, and Mr R suggested I use the old hallway table, which had been living in our garage. It really is a perfect size - not too big, not too small.

Step 3. Storage. Luckily, we had been given the two cupboards a couple of years ago by a friend. Big problem... all my material was previously bulging out of the cupboards - I couldn't even close the doors and drawers properly. I emptied both cupboards and decided to separate them, and put one on each side of my sewing table. No particular reason other than that I like things symmetrical?

       3(a). I also picked up what seemed to be a large cardboard storage shelving system. Only paid $8 for it! I just used some white vinegar and some Chux Magic Erasers, and it came up like new.  Now it stores all my fabric, and the cupboards are free to store craft books, scrap materials, wadding, batting, you name it.
Step 4. You need something to sit on right? I paid $10 for this beautiful, large, solid timber chair. Very comfy too!

Step 5. Step 5 wasn't really a 'step' at all, because the corkboard was already there from when the room was used as an office. The cork-board and photo frames above my desk allow me to pin up ideas, plans, and even a calendar.

Thanks to Shabby Princess for the digital-art

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