Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Granny's Birthday

What do you buy someone who already has everything? [sighs] My mother-in-law lives around a 1000 kilometres away from us, and to many this is a godsend, I must be the only person on earth who actually likes loves their 'monster-in-law'! LOL   

This year, I've resorted to a handmade card, along with a DVD with over 800 photos of the kids, placed in a shoe box that's been wrapped in pretty gift wrap.

Don't forget to decorate the DVD. I do have one of those fancy DVD label makers, but I still think the daggy little stick person drawing of the grandkids on it is just as effective.

Photo DVD: Check out the awesome artwork LOL


Certainly looks home-made...  [smirks]


Ms 13 and Master 9 each wrote Granny a short letter and Miss [almost] 2 drew a lovely picture, which were placed in separate envelopes along with the card and DVD.


Happy Granny!
Note: Lucky for me she doesn't frequent the internet or my blog to dispute this illustration.

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