Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teaching The Kids How To Vandalise, Yay! {Window Painting}

Who would have thought vandalising could be so much fun! Can't take credit for this, I 'yoinked' the idea from Childhood 101 - Christie and the team over there are just amazing!

Miss [almost] 2 working her magic.

Master 9 "In the zone" - He is such
a character...

We had so much fun as a family painting the window, it even felt a bit rebellious!!

This totally gives away I'm Virgo right?

Mr R and I dug out some basic poster paints from the craft cupboard and set Miss [almost] 2 and Master 9 up to start being little vandals.

I'm still unsure if the paint will actually come off the windows, but it's our house so we don't care if it does or not.

Wasn't long before Ms 13 joined in the fun after her morning walk with Granny

This lovely family activity will more than likely backfire on me, I'm certain I could see it ticking over in Miss [almost] 2's mind, pondering what she could deface next.

Ms 13  Geez-Whiz I love that girl to pieces!

One day there will be no more cheery
pictures being drawn on my windows,
they'll all be grown up

Eat your heart out  Michelangelo

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