Monday, April 25, 2011

Granny Tribute! (oh, and Daddy's birthday)

Well as the title suggests, Grandparents are awesome and Granny {MIL} came to visit us over the Easter break!

Really, I'm just going to brag about my MIL so you will be envious of how good I've got it! [insert smug look]

Mr R on his birthday with 'Mummy'- He is such a ratbag and I wouldn't want him any other way...

We've had an 'eventful' week... I could lie and say it's been 'fabulous', but the truth is it sucks when you're unwell. Yep, I think I had the dreaded.... [whispers] 'man-flu' - for the life of me I couldn't stop complaining!

Poor Granny, she was stuck here for 5  l o n g  days, with myself and Mr R sick. I have to say it was nice to have someone here to justify my need for chocolate. Husbands just don't 'get it'.

It was a bit of a bummer, Mr. R had his birthday on Friday, which turned out to be pretty lame, because we were unwell [and poor]. 

We did stop off at the 'beach', which is, come to think of it, more like a mangrove.

Anyway, having Granny here was a great excuse to pull the camera out and start clicking....

'Deception Bay' - looking very... deceptive.

In my defense, I was sick, it was about 11am, and the sun was in full swing. I don't own any fancy filters or lenses - only my trusty 50mm and two zoom lenses that came with the camera.

That isn't sand, that's mud - so soft and fine,
you could shovel it up and use it as a mud pack

We also did the "stock standard" photos in the back yard, of Granny with the kids. As you do.

Granny with her 'minions'

Ms 13 and Master 9 have had Granny and Grandad in their lives since they were 7 and 3. It's nice to think that Master 9 wouldn't remember a time without them in his life. Very special.

Granny is one of those people who genuinely loves children (well, to some point). Granny is a kindergarten teacher, so you can imagine that some days she probably loathes school and snotty little children.

One thing the kids and I love about Granny, is that she is a firm believer in 'play comes first and housework comes later', so it's always fun to have Granny around.

Yep, I must have the only MIL who doesn't check for dust! Really, it's just like having another big kid here. Awesome! 

Miss [almost] 2 is their first paternal grandchild, but they've already built up their grand-parenting skill set years prior to little missy coming along. 

Aside from my immediate family (husband and children), I really only have my mother left - all my grandparents passed away when I was younger, and I never grew up with aunts, uncles and cousins.

I can't stress enough the importance of extended family, especially grandparents.

We would love to drive down sometime this year to visit Mr. R's Grandparents 'Nanna and Pop', so they can meet Miss [almost] 2 in person - not just by photos...

Everyone's sad when Granny has to go home...

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