Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dining Chairs, From Hell {"Mrs. Fix It" Job}

Argh! We bought these 'oh so comfy' leather dining chairs about 5 years ago - which I love, a lot... but now the leather on the seat has gone all 'funky'.

I have to admit, I probably have used a damp cloth a few too many times on the chairs. However, the fact that it's more than likely my fault doesn't make me any less annoyed by it. Bah humbug!

My weapons of choice.

Material $16 + Scissors + Upholstery Stapler $35 = I'm a freakin genius!

Really it was quite simple, there was no fore-thought, or planning. I just hacked at the material, and stapled the crap out of it, onto the chair. Worked a treat!

Yay for me!

'Before and After'
Note the leather, or whatever it is - peeling,
on the 'non-awesome' chair to your left.

End result

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