Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10am And Still In Our Pj's, Doing Arty Farty Stuff

I spotted this brilliant idea on {Adventures with Kids}, Catherine is a genius at finding activities to do with kiddies - love reading her blog!

We had a go at her "stained glass window collages", but instead did a heart-shaped theme. Was loads of fun, even Miss [almost] 2 got into it.

Top to Bottom: Master 9's, Ms 13's, Mine and Miss [almost] 2's

Even I had heaps of fun!

Quick! Take a photo, they're getting along!! Oh wait, I did take a photo... phew!

None of us slept very well last night, not sure why, perhaps a full moon soon? Or, just maybe, it could be from the sugar overload we had the day before!!!

Miss [almost] 2 kept going to the window to check out her awesome work...

It's such an easy project to do with the kids, even little ones. I will no doubt do this again, with the kids soon. Perhaps as some birthday party decorations?


Note: After cutting the shape out, I peel the contact backing off and cut the centre out, then place the rim piece back onto the contact.

This will help prevent
bits of glitter, and goodness knows what else from sticking to the outer edge. I found the edge helped it stick better on the window, and little fingers couldn't peel it off either.

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