Sunday, December 19, 2010


This may be a tad tasteless to some, some even get a bit tetchy about the subject *smirks*. Neither-the-less I decided this year to give the kids some second-hand and hand-made gifts for Christmas, along with their 'normal' gifts. 

Second-hand gifts aren't 'below us', I think sometimes they make the perfect gift, if you find just the right thing.  *This subject will undoubtedly continue, be warned!

For {Christmas} I spotted this gorgeous cradle while out OP shopping, cost about $9 - $10 from recollection. Thought this would be perfect for Miss. 18/12 since we have a baby doll wrapped up, waiting for her under the Christmas tree. 

love, love, love!  You're all jealous, right? :P

Then I thought... must. make. itty. bitty. dolly's. quilt! Why? Because Dolly wants to sleep in style too and quite frankly anything miniature is always {super~cute!}...

It's itty bitty!

This is the tutorial which I followed *roughly* to make {Dolly's itty bitty quilt and pillowcase}.Used 2 old pillowcases, 1 top, 1 dress and 1 skirt to re-purpose.

  • Cradle $10 
Itty Bitty Dolly Quilt and Pillowcase:
  • Material $0 {HIA}
 HIA = Had It Already

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