Monday, December 13, 2010

$2 Bargin Desk

I wondered where to start and I thought this was a better place than any. A few months ago we visited out local Recycle Centre and picked up this gorgeous little desk for $2! It still needed some repair to a drawer, handle and door which is pretty obvious.

Anyway did a rough two coats of white paint on it and voila! I took Ms.13 to spotlight to pick out some fabric she liked for one canvas and her office chair. Yes, yes, I know you can pick up pretty little chairs but I think there is two types of decorating 'nice, practical, comfortable and in your price range' and there is 'stupid'. We picked up two canvases, one which Yassie painted - the other we covered. I could do a tutorial on that but I won't but heres a clue - canvas, fabric, glue and staples :P

  • Desk $2
  • Paint $0 {HIA}
  • Liquid Nails $0 {HIA}
HIA = Had It Already

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