Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing like a hand-made gift! {even if I do say do myself}

Argh! {Secret Santa} strikes again! The fabulous girls in our {D.I.G} got together and decided for some insane reason to do one this year. Tell me, why do I always say yes? Be honest, seriously, what pray-tell can you buy someone for $10, err that isn't... TOTAL SHIT!?

I was lucky enough to pick up a decent S.S. present for {D.I.G Mum} by buying a gift pack and separating the items, but I wanted to do something for her girls too!

So after having one of those internal arguments inside my head {I know I'm not the only one that does that} I decided that it was my mission to make "2nd hand", "re-purposed" and "re-cycled" gifts COOL and TRENDY!!  

 {gift for daughter number 1}
"faded florals" quilted carry bag - "I this myself! :P"

This 'faded florals' quilted carry bag was an idea I nicked from {Australian Homespun - Bag Boutique Magazine}. Sorry, I did search high and low but found no decent links. 

I re-purposed two old dresses, a skirt, a pillowcase and some scrap quilting material I had left over. In reality this carry bag was intended to be larger according to the pattern but I was making this for a little girl, so I thought this size was better. 

I also did a few things differently to the original bag pattern, like:
  • I free-hand stippled the bag and straps. 
  • I used thicker wadding instead of batting as that was what I had on hand.
All up it cost me 0.70c and {a lot of love} to make this bag. 

I think the little bag is gorgeous, but I'm biased... ;) [just so long as she doesn't look too closely at what a dodgy job I did!]

 {gift for daughter number 2}

Re-purposed skirt and made a gorgeous little dress, for a gorgeous little girl!

I  just Re-purposed a Just Jeans skirt to make this dress. Very simple principles, similar to the {pillowcase dress}. Just hope it's not too big/small for her!

Aww look a fancy schmancy artistic view of the dress ribbons ;)

{gift for daughter number 3}
Re-purposed a pillowcase to make a pretty little top, for a pretty little girl...

I made two gifts for {daughter number 3}. Firstly a {pillowcase dress} top, yes a top. I think the dresses are cute, but for younger toddlers I find them a pain-in-the-arse. The little tops look so cute with a pair of little white shorts and some sandles.

Secondly I also made {daughter number 3} a little {Itty bitty dolly's quilt and pillowcase} out of scrap material I had left over. 

So cute, they should be illegal!

Well in the end all that matters is some special little girls feel extra special that "Mrs. Claus" hand-made them a gift each...

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