Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Chryssie Carol

Ok, so I had this grand idea for a post! A massive gripe about Christmas, lots of spoilt little brats, along with parents buying their kids love out of guilt. I was inspired after reading a great post by aussiebum mummy.  

Oh yeah, I had it all mapped out in my head and my post started with an awesome 'photo-shopping' of our tree and the kids, got part way through, [oh, and of course I forgot to SAVE IT!!!] the editing software froze on me!!! The horror! OMG I was on the verge of tears!  Lots and lots of swearing! I figured if I didn't at least do a screen print, none of you would believe how awesome it COULD have been! 

*SIGH* I guess you will have to use your imagination: Picture Miss 18/12's legs dangling out from under a parcel and master 9 looking sad calling for 'mummy'. Of course we can't forget the essential bitchy and neurotic pattern lady in the corner saying something catty that's along the lines of "Well, my parents spoiled me at Christmas and I turned out fine!"

Would have been awesome!!

{Now lets just pretend that the photoshopped picture worked out and you were in histerics because it was just so darn funny!}

So back to the point of this post, spoiled little turds and annoying parents who flake out on parenting and opt for the 'quick fix' of LOTS of unnecessary, expensive presents.

What better place to start than with my Christmas memories from when I was a child... 

{queue Ghost of Christmas past}

No wonder she drinks...

I remember waking up early, I mean REALLY REALLY EARLY!! {In fact I still do!!}
I remember eating lollies, chips and rumballs for breakfast! {as far as I'm concerned it's not Christmas without Rumballs!}
I remember playing cricket with my brother down behind my grandparents house
I remember my Dad always drinking beer and making rude jokes
I remember my Dad and brother fighting over stupid stuff
I remember my Grandma getting tipsy
I remember the tree in all its 4ft something glory
I remember seeing family
I remember feeling sick because I ate too much pavlova {hehe STILL do that too!}
I remember making gifts for my family, as dodgy as they were! {I still make presents, heh, they're still dodgy too!}
I remember we always had the same bar-be-cue, with the same salads  
I remember not being much older than a kid myself and celebrating christmas with my first born

You know what I don't remember.. 

The only thing that I remember out of ALL the presents I received over the years that was so awesome, was my first BMX bike which I begged and pleaded for, for a whole year! [yes I was a tomboy, heh still one of those too!]. It was my first 'non-hand-me-down' bike and I was in grade 7. Though I'm STILL waiting for that freakin pony I asked Santa for.  

{queue Ghost of Christmas present} 

Anyway you get the picture, it was never about the presents, kids don't remember that shit! It's a part of it but certainly not the important part. It's about being with family and tradition - more importantly wasn't some special person born on this day? Umm was it Santa? Nah that doesn't sound right... Umm, oh, that's right, Jesus! 

I mean that's the main reason we celebrate Christmas right? Now I'm not entirely sure, but from what I read at Sunday School I got the impression that this Baby Jesus wasn't a spoiled little brat. *shrugs*

What will the kids of today remember? Mum and Dad fighting non-stop about bills and credit cards being maxed out because too much was spent, on crap! 

{queue Ghost of Christmas future}

She doesn't even have to say anything and she still comes across bitchy...

 What's wrong with spoiling our kids? Nothing at all - do as you like, but don't come crying and whinging to me when they expect everything under the sun and are ungrateful little shits. Or worse still when they grow up, and then rely so heavily on material things to make them happy. I'll be all like "HAH! I told you so!". :P

We're all guilty of doing it from time to time, but how about we keep Christmas special!?! Maybe you know there are a few too many toys under your Christmas tree, perhaps donate one {or three} to your local charity or to children in foster care?

Wishing everyone a safe and merry Christmas for 2010! 

Dedicated to my father John Bentley 
26.09.1938 to 04.02.2010 
{Missing you heaps at Christmas time!}

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