Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Thrift ,Than You Can Poke A Stick At

My thrift shop hunting is now honed for the seasonal change. Winter is on it's way and it always seems to sneak up quickly, even though promised myself for months to pick up those much needed items before it hits.

Left to right: Cot Sheet Set $3, Cot Sheet set $3, Crocheted Blanket $4.50

Miss 22/12 is in her 'Big Girl' toddler bed now, and has been since she was around 18 months old. I can tell you that she has loved every minute of it. I came across these gorgeous little cot sheet sets, one cotton, the other flannelet. Oh, and this crocheted blanket which is to die for! 

Left to right: 2 flat single sheets $6, Doily $1, Double Quilt Cover $5
This is my 'preemptive quilting shop', well, that's what I call it. Where I peruse the linen section of local thrift shops to find material for my 'next' quilting project, and I should probably mention that I never really know what my 'next' project is - it just seems 'falls' together somehow. [shrugs]

White Cardigan $2.00  ::  'Guess' dress $2.00  ::  Lace leggings - pre-loved gift from a good friend of mine :)

GUESS made toddler clothes, who would have thunk it

GUESS Denim dress with black flocked floral print - super cute

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