Friday, March 11, 2011

Freelance [smirks]

Miss 22/12

I've always had this dream as a young girl to be a freelance photographer, you know, paid squillions of dollars for my artistic flare and raw talent. [rolls eyes]

Look, I can dream, can't I?

Finally, not long after our youngest daughter was born, we purchased a Digital SLR. I vaguely recollect 'divorcing' Mr R so I could marry the camera instead. Yes, I loved my camera, that much!

Mind you, in my hormonal state I also 'divorced' Mr.R during my pregnancy. Some of my brief, but passionate love affairs were with my new petrol hedge trimmer and Rennie antacid tablets. However I'm fickle at the best of times, so I always ran back to the arms of Mr R. ;)

Anyway, off track.

Oh yeah, I love taking photos. Slight problem, I suck. I won't ever get paid squillions for my work. I'm just not dedicated enough. Partially because I wanted to be awesome at it first go, and I wasn't.

 Apparently, according to Mr R. I should actually, physically, read the manual at some stage, [scoffs] and perhaps do a photography course.

I personally think the problem is the subject. They never stop moving damn it, stop breathing will you! 

On the up side, the minuscule talent I do possess, allows me to blog and post pictures of my thrift shop buys. Got to count your blessings after all.

Ready for some gloating?

Dress $3.00
 Cutest little floral dress. Even though autumn is upon us and before we know it winter will be here, I still thought this little dress would look cute coupled with some tights and a long sleeve shirt or knitted cardigan...  

Dress $4.20

Miss 22/12 strutting her stuff in her new dress, and wearing her big sisters sunnies. Even though this is certainly a summer dress, I still think it can be made suitable for the cooler months, once again with some tights and a cardigan. I think bright colours are fabulous for winter months!

Denim Dress $4.20

Dress $4.00

I also picked a few other odds and ends in my travel...


approximately $1.50 each

Large doily runner that I plan to use in my quilting, and also two childrens books:

"Princess and the Pea" - recaptured by Polly Borland

"Matilda" - by Roald Dahl (of course!)

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