Saturday, February 19, 2011

Master 9 - Epic Saga {part one}

Okay, so long story... [err] even longer? I'm on a mission! August last year, we were woken by Ms.13 at 3am in the morning, alerting us that Master 9's bed was in fact, on fire! Yes, that's right, on fire! 

 Turns out Master 9 was indeed still secretly afraid of the dark, and had placed a halogen lamp under his covers with him, which ended up setting light to his bedding and mattress. Master 9 sustained superficial wounds to his hand and legs during the ordeal. Needless to say it was a very scary event for all involved.

Of course, in moments of pure panic and trauma I shine through, with really bad taste jokes and humor. Whilst in the emergency department I was trying to reassure Master 9 that "chicks dig scars", so all's good? And when Ms 13 mentioned she was feeling hungry, I cheerfully suggested some "Kentucky Fried Carter" [used fake name, but you get the jist]. 

Of  course, my family know me well and find the 'humor' in it all, including 'bad arse', 'hard arse' Master 9 -  However I don't think the hospital staff saw it that way! I'm a bad mother right? Perhaps next time I should panic and follow it with some sobbing in a corner?

Master. 9 sporting the bandages on his hand... [Photo compliments of Ms.13]

The offending lamp...  [Photo compliments of Ms.13]
Anyway, the only way I can describe the winning combination of burning electrical, bed linen, mattress,  melted plastic, metal and burning flesh, is putrid. All his bedding was ruined, including the mattress and the bed frame. We could not rid the those above mentioned smells, but lets face it, it could have been a lot worse! 

One of Master.9's pillows... [Photo compliments of Ms.13]
 I'm sure you're all wondering what the moral of this story is? The moral of the story is, "If you want Mummy to do an awesome make over in your room, you should set fire to your bed!" - OK, perhaps not? 

I did realise however, that my little man.. I mean, Master 9 was still just a little boy, and surrounded by GIRLS 95% of the time [insert violin music here]. So I wanted to make his room an escape - plus as non-scary at night as possible. So long, scary jolly rogers!

So in order for you to fully appreciate what's been done in Master 9's room, we must jump inside my metaphoric time machine of photos  and journey back to when we first bought the house 4 years ago... [insert twilight zone music here]

Very Very Bright Blue!!! 

OK, now jump back in the photo time machine and we'll jump forward two years, to a period in time known as the "Pregnant, hormonal and nesting" era ... 

Master 9 loved the feature wall the previous owners had so we kept it, and just painted over the blue and removed the blinds. [which were on every window in the house] This is the bed and linen that were ruined by the fire.
Faults with this room:
  1. Umm bed burnt and unusable? Not to mention it took up way too much valuable play space.
  2. Computer desk pointless, since he doesn't have a computer or drawers?

We painted one side of Master 9's wardrobe with chalkboard paint - this is the part where you're in awe of my awesome transformer chalk artwork! Right!? [you'd better be!] It took me 1 1/2 hours to draw, and when asked what he thought of it, he was like "oh. yeah. it's pretty good.". Meanwhile I sobbed.

Anyway so this time instead of me taking over [Warning I'm Virgo and practical!!], I sat down with Master. 9 and asked him what HE would like in his room. We talked about what type of bed, what 'cool' things he could have, and managed to compromised on some of Master 9's ideas, like painting the ceiling red with green polka dots. I know, there I go being all practical again! Of course, almost all were my fabulous ideas but in the end it's still Master 9's choice...

In the end Master 9 decided to go for a bunk bed, and I thought "Awesome, I always wanted a bunk bed!!". Master 9 requested a timber one. I suggested we replace his desk too, with something a tad smaller and more *cough* practical. Except when I mentioned it to Master 9, the suggestion was more like "OH MAN! You know what'd be soooooo awesome!?! A desk with drawers and a hutch so you can put cool stuff on it and in it!!! Whoaa!!". 

You know how the common catch phrase is "Google is your friend", it's a lie, a stinky, horrible lie! I searched and searched, and search some more on how to make a bunk bed tent, to no avail. Yep, not one tutorial...well... if there were, there wasn't any with pretty pictures or diagrams to show me how to do it!! So after whinging about it to anyone who would listen, my 66 year old Mum had to show off by finding something that was really good, and even without diagrams would be pretty simple to make. Thanks a lot, Mum!

So make sure you check back in to see the latest installment of Master 9's - Epic Saga [part two]. I'll  post the after pictures of his new escape as soon as it's all complete! 

[Shit! Supposed I'd better make a start on it then...]

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