Monday, January 17, 2011

Think of the Fluffy Flood Victims!!

My family have been busy volunteering in Brisbane and out near Goodna/Redbank Region. Trying to help those we can...

My family and I have also been volunteering for the furry community. I know I say that as though in a light hearted manner, but it couldn't be more further from the truth!

The distruction and devasation we saw while out in Goodna was horrific. We were out trying to help with the clean up efforts on the Saturday, then back again on the Monday to post "found" animal flyers up on Evacuation Centre noticeboards as a lot of locals are still with out power and internet access.

I had to fight back the tears talking to locals.

We've teamed up with some lovely girls from Pet Reconnect to help assist them achieve maximum success reuniting animals with their owners. Pet Reconnect is working in conjunction with numerous organisations to help bring all this information to one place.

The Queensland Horse Council have recommending using the Pet Connect site.

We are still in great need for volunteers to help out! If you're in a flood affected region why not print this flyer off? We are distributing this flyer digitally over a lot of fb pages - if you can print any and/or electronically distribute them in Evacuation Centres, Feed stores, your local pounds and RSPCA's and through your horse and animal networks it will be a great help!!!!

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